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Masonry Cosmetics, Inc.

Brick Staining, Brick Coloring, and Brick Tinting are the only ways to correctly fix unsightly parts of your Brick. Masonry Cosmetics offers you a permanent, proven way to correct unsightly problem areas and match almost any brick color! No problem is too large or too small for Masonry Cosmetics! Whether you want to simply change the color of a brick entrance sign or you need to repair or color blend an entire building, Masonry Cosmetics can do the job!

We Offer Many Solutions To Restore Your Brickwork:
  • Graffiti Damage – Brick Staining
  • Sandblasting Damage – Brick Coloring
  • Power Washing Damage – Brick Tinting
  • Poor Color Match on Existing Additions – Brick Color
  • Unsightly Color Patterns – Brick Stain
Now you can solve all of the above mentioned brick problems through permanent brick coloring correction by Masonry Cosmetics, Inc. The brick color correction process is not a paint or stain that covers or seals the surface, but a permanent brick coloring process that employs the same, natural pigments used in the original production of brick. It can be most readily compared to tattooing the human body.

How Does Brick Staining Work? Through the utilization of a naturally based solution, the mineral oxides penetrate and adhere to the microscopic pores of the brick, permanently bonding with the clay substrate. The molecular structure of these mineral oxides is smaller than the brick pores and will not impede the all-important evaporation of water from the brick's surface. This is important because painting or staining the brick to solve color problems often results in another even bigger problem, permanent chipping and cracking caused by trapped moisture.

How Can I Be Sure Brick Tinting Really Works? The Masonry Cosmetics, Inc process has been proven in over twenty eight years of professional service work. We are pleased to now be able to offer this proven process directly to the public. We will be happy to show you many examples of work accomplished and also prove names of many satisfied customers.

What Does Brick Coloring Cost? Obviously, the cost of permanent color correction is far less than replacing the original brick. Every situation will be different, and will depend on the amount of area to be repaired and the degree of color matching your request. For this reason, it is usually better to consult with us if possible before any sandblasting or other repair procedures are begun. Our highly trained personnel will be happy to provide on-site consultations. To be sure you are satisfied; the color is first applied to a small test area. After your approval of the test area, the problem areas(s) is/are correct as agreed upon. Thus, the process is safe, adjustable and as permanent as the brick itself!

We Also Specialize In the Following Brick Work:
  • Brick Color matching for new additions
  • Tinting the color of any masonry surface
  • Adding contrast or decorative brick tinting enhancements
  • Customizing color kits for contractors or homeowners to match everything!

We are certain that you will be amazed and delighted with the results of this proven, professional Brick Staining Process