When coloring or tinting porous masonry, brick, blocks, mortar or stone, you'll get the #1 cost effective solution available. Here's why...

  • Tested—Independent Laboratory tested to weather 40 + years with no signs of failure 

  • Successful—Our unique and proprietary process has been used in the field since 1988

  • Breathable—Laboratory tested to prove our product does not seal or trap moisture

  • Natural-looking—Does not leave a shine or look like paint 

  • Versatile—also works on Mortar, Block, Stone, etc.

  • Abundant—Color choices are unlimited

  • Not a Paint or paint-like product

  • Environmentally Friendly—No harsh chemicals 

  • VOC free—No harsh fumes

  • 100% American Manufactured

  • We offer Do-It-Yourself Kits


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Still the Best - Because It Lasts

See fifty actual examples of the Masonry Cosmetics Staining Process and how it holds up in real world applications for 10, 15 or 20+ years.


Still the Best -Test Data and Brick Matching 101

This part quantifies the superior performance of the Masonry Cosmetics Staining Process. Download now for full details. 


Still the Best - They Are Not Us

Not all masonry staining companies are the same.  This pdf shows how our process differs from our competitors.