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ABOUT masonry cosmetics Brick Staining

Masonry Cosmetics is the developer and manufacturer of a brick staining and renewal process that permanently bonds with any porous masonry product including brick, block, mortar, natural and manufactured stone. Masonry Cosmetics provides brick staining services and also offers a full line of masonry staining kits sold throughout the United States and have now gone international. 

Masonry Cosmetics offers the best masonry stains on the market.  Because they are translucent and completely absorbed, our brick stains preserve the natural variation in tone as well as the natural texture of the pre-existing masonry.  They never produce an unnatural shine. Our permanent brick stain comes in any color, with custom recipes created for each brick stain project.

We offer the best brick stain available. Staining brick using our proprietary product means the brick stain is permanent. Completely absorbed into the masonry, our stains for brick simply cannot peel or crack, nor can they trap water that can damage masonry by repeatedly freezing and thawing. Our product performs magnificently in the field—as illustrated by over 400 case studies of beautifully long-lasting staining jobs.


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Our mission:
preserve the brick.

 We know brick up close and personal. We’ve had our hands in the raw clay. We’ve shaped it, added texture to it, and cut it. Our skin has been scorched by the heat from its kilns, and our muscles still remember what it takes to load it and unload it day after day. 

We like brick. A lot. It’s natural, non-toxic and ruggedly good-looking, and it offers a great contrast when it’s paired with wood, steel, glass, vinyl or other building material. 

Brick is about permanence. Brick lasts. Brick endures - year after year, decade after decade, and even century after century. We respect that endurance. That’s why we would never ever interfere with it. We never hurt a brick because we take the long view. 

brick does not generally require maintenance. It doesn’t need to be painted - ever. Unless it is destroyed by a vehicle impact or by a man-made/natural disaster, it needs nothing. After so many years, the mortar may need pointing but the brick is self sufficient. We aim to keep it that way. 

Our proven masonry stain simply adds additional pigment particles to those already present in the brick. New brick gets its color from the pigments that are a part of it. The end result is brick: brick with additional particles embedded in its pore structure. It feels like brick, it looks like brick, absorbs water and expels water vapor like brick because it remains 100% brick. 

Painting brick means covering brick in a layer of not- brick. We’ve seen those coatings begin to fade, peel, crack, bubble, and blister in five years or less. Paint is cheap and easy to slap on, but it may be difficult or impossible to completely remove. We won’t take permanent, maintenance-free brick, and make it into a long-term maintenance problem. 

We take pride in our work. We want our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren to be equally proud of what we have done. Proven Masonry Stain - no coatings, no nonsense - nothing but healthy masonry in the color you want. 

Executive Team

MEET THE brick staining LEADERS

Rick Conner

Chairman and ceo

From his birth, the brick industry has played a significant role in Rick Conner’s life. The house on a hill where he lived as a child overlooked a brick plant. Rick and other children played together in the storage yard of the plant while is dad and uncles worked.

Brick stain experts





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What is a Brick Stain? with Masonry Cosmetics

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DIY Brick Makeover Stain Kit

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