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When restoring a building to its original beauty, transform the look of the brick the safe and natural way - with a permanent brick stain.

2011 Ohio
Commercial restoration

When restoring this space to a new community center, the restoration company was reluctantly ready to tear down the brick, knowing that there would be huge costs associated with it. We were able to save them money and time with a permanent brick stain.

2000 st. louis 
university restoration

This school in St. Louis underwent a massive restoration, adding an additional 60,000 sqft to the space. After the restoration was complete, they called in the brick stain experts. We color corrected window and door fill-ins, and reblended other areas as needed.

2008 Illinois
University restoration

Multiple corners of this university did not match the other brick after the restoration. The school knew the corner bricks weren't going to match, but after it went up, they decided they wanted a slightly closer match. With a limited budget and small allotment of time, we were asked to make minor brick stain color changes.

2002 Detriot 
historical restoration

This Detroit historical home was restored as part of a larger community project. We stained multiple brick that were off-colored.