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Brick Staining Services

Masonry Cosmetics is the premier choice for masonry staining, providing brick and masonry staining services for matchwork, additions, repairs, restorations, and home makeovers. Our team creates custom color recipes for each project, allowing you to attain any color that you desire. We are proud to make your masonry visions come to life!

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Brick staining from white to red before and after

Problem Resolution

 Off-colored runs installed on a residential or commercial building aren’t uncommon. Next time this happens, instead of tearing down the brick, give us a call for professional, timely brick staining, the more affordable and time-sensitive solution.


We understand that sometimes expansion on a building is necessary, but the original brick isn't available. That's why we offer brick staining for additions! Find a brick with a similar size and texture to the existing brick, and we can stain it to match. Alternatively, we can also color enhance the old brick to match the new addition. Our brick staining for additions is a great way to make sure your building looks seamless and cohesive.


Masonry Cosmetics specializes in transforming your home through masonry staining, offering a range of color options to match your personal style. From sleek black stains to whitewash stains and trendy grey stains, we can create a vibrant makeover with multiple colors or a unified look. View our projects and how we can help you make your house a home.


Choose permanent brick staining for restoration projects. Our natural solution will not hurt the brick and is long-lasting and low maintenance. Our brick staining products are formulated to penetrate the brick without changing the texture, creating a natural look that can enhance the beauty of your brickwork. We use a special blend of pigments and dyes that are designed to resist fading and weathering to keep your brick looking new for endless years to come.