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Darken or lighten mortar joints with the long-lasting mortar stain. Our translucent stains can be mixed and combined with the pre-existing colors in your fully cured mortar to closely resemble any color you have in mind. Once absorbed, our mortar stain bond with the surface of the mortar to last as long as the surface itself.

Color match new mortar to match old

Change old mortar to match the new

Restore color to old mortar

Make repairs go away

2012 indiana 
university brick and mortar

Built in 1950, one of the most prestigious and recognizable buildings on campus, the Morris Inn was scheduled for renovation in 2012. The Northeast wall was resurfaced, and a new South wing was constructed with a fine grain wire-cut textured brick in a blend of orange, brown, grey and cream colors.

Once completed, the older West wall would suffer by comparison. The old brick had a grey color range with a coarse grain - much less attractive than the blend of new brick to the East. In addition, the mortar on the older section did not match well and needed to be stained.

The mortar was stained first to match. Then, using multiple recipes, each brick was stained a specific color strategically to match the new blend.

The result was a spectacular match, a spectacular building, and a 2013 Excellence in Construction Award from the Michiana Area Construction Industry Advancement Fund.

commercial mortar

The mortar was too light on the back side of this commercial building. The mortar was stained darker to better match the brick color. 

2010 kentucky 
residential mortar

These homeowners wanted a darker mortar color that blended better with the color of the brick. By only staining the mortar, we were able to create a new look that will last a lifetime.

what happens when you change the color of mortar?