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Brick staining is a great way to repair damage to masonry surfaces, including powerwash damage, fire damage, acid damage, graffiti, or damage from car impacts. Staining can be used to repair the appearance of masonry surfaces, as well as to help protect the masonry from further damage. Staining is a cost-effective and fast-acting solution, with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Professional masonry staining services can help ensure the job is done quickly and correctly, with long-lasting results.


Some of the brick on this home were ruined due to a power washer. Using selective brick staining, we were able to stain the damaged brick for a match that still looks great.


When an automobile struck this home, the original brick weren't available anymore. By choosing a brick that was a similar size and texture, we were able to create a brick stain color that still looks the same as the original brick after all this time.

1999 ohio 
power wash damage

The brick were severely damaged by a power washer, and we had to stain multiple brick. 20 years later when we went back, it still looked fantastic!