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At Masonry Cosmetics, we understand that sometimes bricks can have color discrepancies during the manufacturing process. We offer staining services to correct these issues both at the plant, or after the brick is installed on-site. Our experienced technicians use specialized techniques to match the brick to its intended color, ensuring the best possible results. Our staining process is proven, efficient and safe, making it the perfect solution for manufacturers who need to correct brick color issues quickly. With our high-quality staining products and services, you can ensure that the brick on your project is the perfect color. Contact us today to learn more about our masonry staining services.


There were discolored brick throughout the apartment complex. About a week later, and a lot of finesse, we were able to blend the building with both light brick stain colors and dark brick stain colors. 


Dark and blotchy areas consumed the curb appeal of this house back in 1997. We gave a white brick stain by lightening brick in the dark areas for a seamless brick stain blend.

2000 Pennsylvania 

Several brick stain colors were created to fix the color issues on this home. When we went back 19 years later, we met the new homeowners, who were shocked to hear that it had ever been stained!