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Permanent brick stain solution

Our brick staining product combines 80 to 100 mesh mineral oxide pigments, a proprietary bonding agent and an environmentally safe carrier to create a slurry that absorbs into the structure of the brick and permanently bonds with the clay substrate.

Once applied, the brick stain chemically attaches to the masonry pores. Because the oxide's molecules are smaller than the pores, the don't seal in moisture or clog the masonry pores. These physical properties render the brick stain permanent while not altering the pore structure, therefor the durability of the brick.

Once dried, the stained brick does not seal the brick, leave a film, fade, peel or crack. Our product bonds well with any masonry product that has absorption: brick, block, mortar, manufactured stone, natural stone, cast stone and limestone, to name a few.

revitalizing the natural beauty

Brick is among the longest-lasting building products on the planet. Painted brick seals the brick, drastically decreasing the brick's lifespan. Our brick stain just enhances the natural color of brick by becoming one with the pore structure - it does not harm or decrease the lifespan of your brick.

Watch below as our president, Don Foster, dives further into our natural staining system.

How to stain brick
Black brick stain
Gray brick stain

building a
lasting impression


Stained brick does not add a layer, no need to be removed or reapplied



Permanent brick stain has been used in the field since 1988  



Works on all absorbent masonry such as mortar, block, stone, etc. 


Does not seal or trap moisture, will not compromise the masonry integrity


Doesn't leave a shine or look like painted brick 


No harsh chemicals



No harsh fumes


Unlimited brick stain colors. From multiple recipes on a percentage of each brick to one color for a unified look, each job has custom-created recipes for your ideal look

Do the other brick stain companies make the same claims? If so, where's their proof?

How to change the color of brick
How to stain brick
Stained brick house

The art is in the detail

By staining bricks individually, we can create a unified look like a black brick stain or a whitewash brick house, or we can use multiple brick stain colors on a specific percentage of the masonry for vibrancy or color matching.​

Since our permanent brick stain is completely absorbent, the life, texture and details in the brick will still be there. Why is this important? Because it means that the brick will still remain brick, and our brick stains will not require additional maintenance or upkeep to continually look just as good as the day we leave. 

Our professional and friendly color specialists will come to you, and create a sample panel for you to approve. We want to make sure you'll be happy with the final product for years to come. We believe in our system so much that we offer a lifetime warranty. If the stain starts to fail for some reason, we'll come out and redo the job ourselves.

Change the color of your brick
Staining brick
Red exterior brick stain

designing with Color Theory

You may be looking for a brick stain color chart like other staining companies and brick paint companies offer. We take pride in the fact that we can't show you a color chart. Why? Our brick stain is NOT a sealer - it's completely translucent and the original masonry color, texture and life show through. 

The final results are a mixture of the masonry color, and the color of the stain. Think of the color wheel.

Let's say that your brick is one of these colors:

Brick stain colours
red pigment 2.png

And those bricks might look like this:

Brick staining colors

As you decide what you want your brick to look like, remember that no pigment color will have the same effect on every type of brick. There are multiple colors that we often add to each custom recipe to help hue the final results for the ideal color.

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