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At Masonry Cosmetics, we understand that sometimes expansion on a building is necessary, but the original brick isn't available. That's why we offer brick staining for additions! Find a brick with a similar size and texture to the existing brick, and we can stain it to match. Alternatively, we can also color enhance the old brick to match the new addition. Our brick staining for additions is a great way to make sure your building looks seamless and cohesive.


This university's Power Plant had five different runs of brick used on the original building. When a new three-story addition was built, we were tasked with brick staining the five runs of existing brick to match the new.

university ADDITION

This university had an older addition that did not match the main building it was attached to. We stained the darker brick to a yellow color to match the color you see in the background of some of the photos.

2002 indiana
commercial addition

When the office building expanded, the existing brick was no longer manufactured. We created eight different stain colors, and mapped out percentage of colors on each individual brick for the best possible matchwork.