This video provides a quick 2 minute discussion of the many different uses for the unique, permanant brick staining process developed by Masonry Cosmetics some 30 years ago! 


Click here to see a simple, quick video clip from one of our foreman’s cell phones to see the Before/During and After process of how a home in Indianapolis has been transformed by Masonry Cosmetics


This video shows Before/During and After shots of a "green" project that helped the home owner avoid the cost and waste of removing and replacing all of their existing brick


This video explains how Masonry Cosmetics' permanant brick staining technology can be accessed three ways to help realtors close more brick home sales; examples included!


Here is an informative power-point presentation given by our president, Rick Conner, at Clemson University which addresses multiple questions about our process and Brick Staining in general


Stay tuned for more videos in the "Brick Clip" series!