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Brickman STain Kit

Simple to use and can permanently color correct mismatched Brick, Block, Mortar, Stone and more.  The contractor can fix many eye sores before they ever get on that dreaded Punch List!  Or get you paid faster because you fixed what was on the Punch List.  Starting at just $369 you can add or start this profitable Business in a Brief Case.

Each kit can color about 300 to 400 sq. ft. of surface depending on the mix


direct from the manufacturer

Instructional DVD; Safety Glasses; Measuring Spoons; Measuring Cup; Mixing Containers; 2” and 1” Polyester Brushes; 10 jars of powdered pigment

the kit.jpg

Instructional DVD • Safety Glasses • Measuring Spoons • Measuring Cup • Mixing Containers • 2” and 1” Polyester Brushes • 10 jars of powdered pigment (enough to color about 300 to 400 sq. ft. of surface) • Written instructions • Steps to access free consultation

Masonry Contractors

Sometimes you just can’t find materials that will precisely match the color of existing brick, stone or mortar. Mismatched colors can ruin the appearance of your work.  With the Brickman’s Stain Kit you can get a better match, improved appearance and avoid the dreaded “punch list” every time.

business starters

An Affordable Investment: Starting at $329.  An Unmet Need: All the ugly and mismatched masonry repairs and additions in your hometown (and no one to fix them). A Sure-Fire Solution:  Your hard work guided by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the business. Make happy customers and a well-earned profit. 

general contractors

If your sub-contractors can’t color-correct masonry, do-it-yourself, satisfy your customers, and take the additional profit to the bank.  Tap into a new source of jobs and income by fixing mismatched masonry or completely changing it, for example, by giving fireplaces a fabulous new look.

opportunities to earn profit

Color correct old jobs that are bad matches or repairs

Make new masonry jobs possible with addition matches and restorations

Make customers happy by saving them money, or prevent unhappy customers with presenting a poor reveal

Solve problems much quicker than rebuilding a wall

Custom colors can work with the most complex multi-color jobs

return & refund

Masonry Cosmetics Inc. will charge a 15% restocking fee on all returned purchases. Shipping to be paid by returnee. All pigments must have retained their factory seal and be in original condition. No refunds after 90 days from original purchase date. If a kit is returned, all materials must be included in the return.

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