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Choosing the Best Brick Stain for Your Home

You want to color your brick, but are overwhelmed by choosing which brick stain company is best. This is your ultimate guide to choosing the perfect brick staining solution for your home.

When you decide to stain your brick home, you may be thinking that it doesn't matter which brick stain company you use. All the products to stain brick must be the same, right? Wrong. Let's dive into what you need to do to choose the best brick stain for your home.

What is a brick stain?

A true brick stain completely absorbs into the masonry. The chemical makeup of the brick stain pigments are the same chemical makeup already found in brick.

Best brick stain for your home

The stain for brick permanently bonds with the pore structure of the brick, just like a tattoo bonds into the pores of your skin.

Unlike painted brick, it does not harm or suffocate the masonry. A brick stain will never need to be removed or stained again. A brick stain becomes one with the masonry and is just another part of the brick, coloring the brick for forever.

What makes the best brick stain product?

The best decision you can make when shopping for a brick stain product is to request proof of longevity. Ask the brick staining company for pictures of their older projects, and what those homes look like today.

If a brick staining company tells you they don't have old brick staining pictures to show you - that should be a HUGE red flag!

Masonry Cosmetics Brick Staining proof

Let's start with one example of the proof that Masonry Cosmetics has a permanent brick stain. We were asked to stain the brick on this white brick home back in 1997 when the brick was installed with different colors than the homeowners expected. We successfully stained the off-colored brick to match the other bricks. The results are a beautiful white stained house.

Home in 1997 before staining brick
Home in 1997 before staining brick
White stained brick on a home
Home in 1997 after staining the brick

Now let's look at what this house looks like today. In 2019, 22 years after staining, we took the photos you see below.

In 22 years, there's no sign that the brick was ever stained. We believe we have the best brick stain, and we have the evidence to prove it. Need more proof? View more than 400 brick staining case studies from jobs lasting 10, 15, 20+ years in the field.

Other brick stain companies & their proof

Nawkaw brick stain on an exterior building

This well known brick staining company has been around for a long time, yet will not show old brick staining projects to us or to their clients. And we think we know why. This photo was only a few years after this company stained some of the bricks on a Dome building. The colored bricks had already faded, and their 25-year warranty does not claim they will stain projects again if they fail. If you're going to spend your hard-earned money on a brick stain, don't you want the brick stain to last a lifetime?

Brick Imaging brick stain on a building

This was a job in Colorado from a different brick staining company. They claim they stain brick, but this is a brick paint. The paint has ruined the brick and is causing structural damage to the whole building. This is extremely costly, and the price will have to come out of your wallet. The company's 15 year warranty includes only a percentage of your money back for a failed brick stain.

Let Us Stain Your Brick

We hope that you found this information informative and helpful as you choose a company to stain your brick. Remember - ALWAYS ask the stain company for proof that their brick stains are actually permanent.

Let's chat about brick staining in general, or about staining your brick house.


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