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The Colorant Kit permanently changes the color of any absorbent masonry (including brick, mortar, stone, block), covering roughly 150-200 sqft depending on the mix used and the work being done. 


  • Permanent, all-in-one kit to change the color of your masonry.
  • Designed for smaller projects. For larger or more difficult projects, check out our Color Enhancement Kit
  • Chemically bonds with masonry materials, does not add a layer like paint, and will not peel, chip or flake like a paint.
  • Works with all absorbent masonry including brick, block, mortar, limestone, cast and natural stone
  • Utilizes color theory - essentially any color can be achieved through mixing different levels of colors.
  • Includes five pigment colors, two brushes, measuring spoons, mixing-storage cup and instructions.
  • The Masonry Cosmetics team will help you develop a recipe as requested -



A controlled amount of our dry colorant is combined with water to create a slurry. The water acts as a carrying agent and allows the colored slurry to be pulled into the masonry because of its absorption capability. When the water evaporates, the bonding chemical changes from a liquid to a solid form (both physically and chemically), locking itself into the face and pore structure of the masonry. Because the mineral oxides are very similar to the structure of the masonry, the surface is not sealed and remains breathable, absorbent and completely natural looking.


Colorant Kit | Standard DIY Brick Staining Kit



    • Five pigment colors (Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Black) 
    • 1-inch brush
    • 2-inch brush
    • Mixing cup
    • Measuring spoons
    • Written staining instructions

    Additional product can be reordered by calling Masonry Cosmetics, and additional color options are available. 574.234.1812

    For adults 18+.

    Temperature: Apply stains only when temperatures of surfaces to be stained and the surrounding air are between 45°F (7°C) and 100°F (32°C).

    Weather: Do not apply stain in snow, rain, dense fog or mist; when the relative humidity exceeds 95%. Surfaces must be dry - allow wet surfaces to dry thoroughly and attain conditions specified before starting or continuing with application.

    Absorbency: Stains require a porous surface that will absorb water. If the masonry is sealed or has low absorption, the stain may be unable to chemically bond with it well.


    For undamaged product, return the kit in its entirety within 90 days with proof of purchase. Masonry Cosmetics will charge a 15% restocking fee on all returned purchases. Shipping to be paid by returnee. All pigments and solution must have retained their factory seal and be in original condition.


AIA Continuing Education
Brick Industry Association
Mason Contractors Association of America
Masonry Advisory Council
The Masonry Society
National Brick Research Center
North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association
Indiana Landmarks
Michiana Builders Association
Wisconsin Masonry Alliance
BBB Accredited
Ohio Masonry Association
Masonry Contractors Australia
DFW Brick Council
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