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Whether you're a homeowner trying to boost your curb appeal, or a contractor looking to expand your business, our range of DIY kits are sure to fit your needs.


Each kit comes with everything you'll need to stain your project, including brushes, mixing cups and spoons.


Our team is here to help you with every step of the process. By sending us pictures of your current masonry, and what you want it to look like, we'll tell you how much of each pigment to use.

color theory

Our stains are transparent and natural, so the base masonry color will play a part in developing the color(s) to add to achieve your ideal outcome.

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diy kits for homeowners

All-in-one kit for homeowners who want a complete DIY solution for fireplaces, exterior masonry projects and more. Covers approximately 100-250 sq ft depending on the recipe and project.

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Business Starters

Think of all the mismatched masonry repairs and additions in your town, and no one to fix them. Take over this unmet need with guidance from the most knowledgeable experts in the business. 

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Concrete pavers Kit

All-in-one kit for concrete pavers covers approximately 250 sqft to boost your curb appeal or revive your patio. Over 30 colors to choose from to achieve your ideal look.

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Industry Professionals

Sometimes you just can’t find materials that will fully match existing masonry. With this kit, you'll get better matches, improved appearances and avoid the dreaded punch list.


"Wow!! I am so happy with this product! I had the ugliest hearth bricks before using this product and now I love my hearth. It is a lot like painting with watercolors but it works great. The first photo is my hearth before. I cleaned the brick with water, a scrubber, and Sonett scouring powder and let it dry for a week before applying the stain. The first photo is my hearth before, and the second is after staining.

ADVICE I found mixing colors to be fairly easy. The instructions did not define how much powder to put in the water because it will depend on how bright you want the color. I found that about 4 teaspoons worked the best in the recommended water quantity for color mixing. I would apply many light coats to achieve your color. There was more than enough powder in the kit to likely color two hearths the size of mine. I am an artist and I am skilled at mixing colors, but I know that there is a number you can call and they will give you a formula to help you mix your color just right.

I would and likely will buy this product again. I have exterior brick that is the same ugly color and I can't wait to change it too!" 







Before you Buy

the water test

is your masonry a good staining candidate?

Absorption is key

Our stains are long-lasting because the pigments embed themselves into the masonry pores, like a tattoo would on your body. If the masonry is sealed or has low absorption, our stain will not be able to chemically bond with it well, and we do not recommend using our product. 

To check your masonry's absorption, pour a little water on the wall. If the water beads off it and doesn't darken the wall, you have low absorption. If the wall absorbs the water, and the wall darkens until it is dry, your masonry is a good candidate for our proven masonry staining. 

need advice?

Our professional color specialists are here to help you if you need assistance. Contact for a free consultation. If you want to get the process started early, here's what you can send us to help get you started:

Take close-up pictures of the water test if you're not sure of absorption. We'll be able to advise on your absorption.

Take pictures of your masonry that you're looking to stain. Take pictures 3 feet away, then more a couple steps back, and then from far away of the entire scope.

Send pictures of the brick color you're looking to achieve, or pull ideas of possible colors off the web.


how to stain Masonry


The masonry need to be dry (with no rain for 24 hours previous or after) and warm (at least 50 degrees) for best results.


Once you've created your recipe and are ready to stain, make sure to stir the mixture well, and then drain excess liquid from the brush. Repeat the stirring and draining each time you re-dip.

test panel

Coming up with the right color for your project can be trial and error. Because of this, we highly advise that you create a test panel to ensure your recipe is what you want.

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