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How to Whitewash Brick

One of the hottest trends around is whitewashing brick. While a painted whitewash house looks sharp for a few years, it will chip and flake, and will drastically decrease your home value.

Painted brick house

In addition, it can be very expensive to remove the paint, and will very likely destroy the brick beyond repair. As you see here, the painted white brick is peeling, but removing the brick along with. Painted brick can cause major structural damage to your brick house.

Our solution: Masonry Cosmetics' whitewash brick stain. We will achieve the look of whitewash, but with a brick stain product that will not chip or flake away, nor will it destroy your brick or decrease home value. Using a sponge and a paint brush, each brick is stained individually to change the color of your brick.

What you'll need to whitewash brick

How to whitewash brick tutorial

Want to hire the whitewash brick stain experts instead?

Masonry Cosmetics has professional brick stain installers around the United States for your whitewash brick stain needs. Reach out today for a free brick staining consultation

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