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whitewashing brick with Staining: The Eco-Friendly Alternative

You love the whitewash look, but know how harmful paint is to your brick - what can you do? Let's dive into the issues with whitewashing (and brick paint in general), and the Masonry Cosmetics solution.

Whitewash brick stain
Masonry Cosmetics Whitewash on a Home

Whitewash Brick Paint

For the past decade or so, we've seen painted whitewashing brick as a trend. While a white painted brick house is stylish for a few years, it quickly becomes a nightmare for your brick's lifespan as well as your home's resale value.

Painting exterior brick

Take this home for example. When the homeowners decided to whitewash their brick, I can imagine that they did their research. Unfortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of articles out there that told them there were no downsides to painting their house.

Not only does the house look like a disaster now, the paint is also ruining the actual brick. To remove paint from brick is very costly, but once the sealant has suffocated the brick and trapped moisture in the wall, you're looking at some serious structural damage, and damage that cannot be undone.

"Coming across a freshly painted brick home while house-hunting should send up a red flag. Paint camouflages a host of problems, including cracks in mortar joints, soft mortar, or the presence of efflorescence." -Bob Villa

The Natural Whitewash Solution

Here at Masonry Cosmetics, we've developed an innovative whitewashing staining system. Our masonry stain will not harm your brick, and will not need to be reapplied or removed. Essentially, our stain adds in the same pigments found in brick, just with a color enhancing dye.

Since the whitewash stain's development, we've introduced a brand new DIY kit for homeowners looking to whitewash their fireplace, exterior brick, and more.

The Stainman Whitewash Kit covers 380-400 sqft and includes everything you need to whitewash your masonry -

How to whitewash brick
  • White pigment

  • Elixir solution

  • 2-inch brush

  • 1-inch brush

  • Sponge

  • Mixing cup

  • Measuring spoons

  • Step-by-step instructions

The Stainman Whitewash Kit is an eco-friendly, safe and permanent alternative to the classic painted whitewash. The easy-to-use masonry staining kit comes with everything needed to stain interior and exterior masonry, such as brick fireplaces and more. This kit includes brushes for a cohesive whitewash look, and a sponge for those looking for multi-varied results.

Whitewash brick stains using the Masonry Cosmetics staining system:

How to whitewash brick tutorial

Want to hire the whitewash brick stain experts instead?

Masonry Cosmetics has professional brick stain installers around the United States for your whitewash brick stain needs. Reach out today for a free brick staining consultation


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